Dongban - Study

List of Piercings

Current Total: 21               Tentative Total: 28

5 piercers: Zach, Beckie, Dan, Kenny, Eric

3 studios: Lucky's, Holeshots, X Body Art Emporium

(1) Helix (2) Helix R Eyebrow? (8) L Nipple
(7) Helix (11) Helix (15) L Nostril (9) R Nipple
(13) Conch (14) Conch (12) Tongue (10) (19) Navel
(17) Lobe (16) Lobe Lip? VCH?
(3) Lobe (5) Lobe (16-19) Clav Micros
(4) Lobe (6) Lobe Hip Micros

Writer's Block: Now Presenting…

If you could present any award at the MTV Movie Awards, which one would you want to present? Which celeb would you want up on stage with you?

Best Movie.

With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

So they could see what NOT CRAP movies are, already be up there when their 'tard fest wins, and then I could beat them to death with the Moon man they don't deserve.

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You've stumbled upon the broken, winding path that is Steph's inner thoughts.
Are you sure you want to travel down this road with me?
This is friends only because this is where I bitch, moan, celebrate, mourn, and everything in between.
I don't blame people if they don't want to expose themselves to this horror,
so here's my second to last line of arbitrary defense.
I'll hide really stupid things behind LJ cuts, so you'll have the option to avoid them.
But here it is.

Steph's LJ.
Enjoy... if you can.

You've been invited to play spectator to the collapse of my sanity...
like a really bad game of Gackt-Jenga.

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